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Here's what some of our clients have to say about us...

I went to Maria weekly for about a year.  She is hands-down the best massage therapist I've been to in town.
 Not only is she highly trained and educated in the body mechanics, muscles, etc..., but her place of business is so peaceful, clean, and just overall calming.  I walk in and I feel better already.
I can't recommend Maria Willis's body work enough. To top it off, she's a wonderful person with compassion.  She's known pain so she can relate to having body aches.  She's the real deal.  If I had the money, I'd see her every day.  Seriously.  She's that good.                                                    

--Jen C. of Scotts Valley, CA


I absolutely LOVE this place, this place is even better than the day spas I have been to. I have had two massages here and have a third one scheduled in a few weeks. The person who has always done my massages is Jennifer Way who is a total sweetheart. She is very genuine and not only relaxes your muscles but through polarity massage she is able to erase any stress or problems in your head while you are on her table. I am now seeing her monthly, I'm sure that all of the staff at Awaken are very good but in my eyes the massages I recieve have been nothing short of perfection and I will be coming here for a long time. Thank you to everyone there!

--Amy B.


Jessica (Kennedy) is a star massage therapist... gifted and skilled.

--Mary M. 




Singing my praises for a wonderful massage therapist! Maria is an amazing therapist: intuitive, well-trained, and soes phenomenal deep tissue work. I have had a handful of massages from her over the past few years.

--Michelle B. of Saratoga, CA

I began sessions with Jennifer almost a year ago and the experience has been fantastic -- it completely changed my outlook on life. Jennifer is always attentive to my needs and applies just the right amount of pressure to loosen up my aches and pains. I have a pretty stressful job and Jennifer is an important reason that I’m able to rise above the everyday stressors and focus on getting the job done.
--Tom W.  



Maria Willis is the best massage therapist I have ever been to, and she has created an incredibly warm, comforting, clean and relaxing environment at Awaken Massage.  I have had chronic neck and back pain and stiffness for years and visit Maria regularly to get relief.  She is so knowledgeable about the body and knows exactly how to release the tension in each and every muscle group.  She tailors every massage to my changing needs, combining deep tissue work with relaxing polarity.  I always leave feeling healthy, relaxed and renewed. Thank you, Maria!

--Jackie W. 


Had the best massage ever from Jennifer Way yesterday. I'm still feeling relaxed and calm and rejuvenated!!!

--Cari G. 



I have been to many places in Santa Cruz County to have a message, but Maria at Awaken is by far my favorite Massage Therapist!  I came accross Awaken via groupon and just keep going back.  I look forward to going in to see Maria every other month, it is a special treat!  I love being welcomed by a smile at the door and an amazing massage.  The price is very reasonable for the level of work and service you get.  I cannot say enough good things about this place, thank you groupon for helping me find my favorite massage in town!

--Nayana D. of Santa Cruz, CA 
I came to see Jennifer Way after I broke my foot while backpacking in the Trinity Alps.  I was put in a walking boot but had to keep weight off my foot for the first 5 weeks to ensure the bone could heal.  I immediately noticed a lack of blood flow in my foot and calf so I had Jen work on my leg above the ankle.  After each session I noticed a "healing spurt" which I attributed to the increase in blood flow especially helping to clear out all the pooled blood in the bruises.  After 5 weeks I was able to start walking with the boot.  I had expected to lose muscle in my calf but what I didn't expect was how tight and stiff my foot, ankle and calf would be when I started using them again.  Jen was again able to speed my healing by helping to increase my flexibility and blood flow and when my foot was healed enough to be massaged it was like magic!  In the course of a week I went from partial weight to full weight on my bare foot with no pain!  I truly believe that my healing and recovery time was cut significantly thanks to Jen's massage.  Jen is kind, knowledgeable and very aware of the human body and knows how to help it heal!  Thanks Jen!

--Rob Straka

Absolutely wonderful place.  Staff are friendly, accommodating and professional.  Maria is friendly, very knowledgeable and talented. I recommend the facility and staff to any/and everyone. 
--Dedra L. of Scotts Valley, CA


Want to say that I LOVE Awaken Massage Therapy.  Maria Willis and her staff are top notch.  Her place is warm & inviting,  and they really listen to what your needs are.  I have been getting regular massage for over 20 years and have to say this this the best place I have every been.  You must try it to believe it. You won't be disappointed.

--Priscilla H. of Aptos, CA 



I came here because of Groupon. They had an offer that I couldn't pass up! What a great little massage studio. Snuggled between a bagelry and a chiropractor in Scotts Valley, awaken is a little slice of heaven. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Tricia, who performed my deep-tissue massage. For 60 minutes I was rubbed in all the right ways, the tension leaving my muscles. Awaken has a lovely calming environment, perfect for welcoming relaxation. I'd recommended anyone come and get a massage, they offer many types at reasonable prices. They also pride themselves on excellent quality of service and I cannot disagree with their plight! Thanks again!

--Ashley L. of Santa Cruz 


If you're looking to relax or if you're looking to have that tight muscle murdered into submission, Awaken is the place to go!  I have suffered from upper back and shoulder pain for years. Maria, at Awaken, is the only therapist that I have ever seen that is able to target the source of the pain and provide me relief. She has the knowledge, strength and technique that make it possible. I am thankful for Awaken and Maria for helping me regain comfort in my daily life. 

--Emily D. of Soquel, CA



Hands down the best massage therapy I've ever been to (In multiple states and offices in santa cruz county).  I regularly go to Maria for a deep tissue massage. She has phenomenal strength and knowledge of muscle anatomy.  She tunes in with your body and can find all your sore muscles and areas of tension without telling her where they are.  The office and massage rooms are very peaceful and relaxing.  There are comfortable couches, hot tea, and cold water for before or after your massage.  All the therapists are professional, punctual, friendly, and put you at ease. Thanks Awaken!!!

-Raquel W. of Santa Cruz, CA 


I have been seeing Maria for three years and have never had a bad massage.  I cant even describe how good she is you just have to expierience it.  If you have a sports related injury her deep tissue work will have you playing again soon, and better than before you got hurt. 

--Paulette P.  of Scotts Valley, CA 


Maria, how could I have known that when my wife bought a groupon and sent me to you for a massage that it would bring such wonderful changes into my life.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a couple of things.  One, for the wonderful massage.  It was really the best I've ever had and I felt fabulous afterwards.  And two, for your recommendation of "night splints" to help relieve my pain from plantar fasciitis.  It took a trip back to the podiatrist for me to get them approved through my insurance, but I've been wearing two dorsal night splints for the last week and it has made a miraculous difference!  I was giddy with excitement after just a few days.  The relief has been that dramatic.  Why in the world haven't my doctors recommended this before?  I joke with my wife that I've gone from feeling very, very old to having "baby feet".    Maria, you are one of those people who I thank the stars for bringing into my life. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  

--Chris M. of Santa Cruz 


Maria is awesome at what she does.  She's very aware of the body and your needs.  I usually get deep tissue work to release my super tight muscles; she and others she has working with her are always up to the task.  I walk out feeling so much better than when I walk in.  The price is reasonable too.  Go here before you see anyone else. 

--Renee W.  of Boulder Creek, CA


Maria has been the only person to really reach all of the deep tissue that needed therapy. The only reason that I would not recommend her, is because I'm selfish, and she's the best! The facility is top notch, and always clean and restful, I look forward to my Massage every week!                                                       

--Hank L. of Scotts Valley, CA 


Wonderful, clean environment. Maria gives an AWESOME massage. Very competitive prices. Maria is able to give that deep tissue massage I can't seem to get anywhere else. Highly recommend Awaken Massage Therapy.                                

--Mike L. of Santa Cruz, CA