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Swedish massage consists of a series of long, soothing, and relaxing strokes.  This massage technique aids in circulation, increases oxygen flow to the muscles, and releases toxins from the muscles.  Swedish massage is relaxing and provides great stress relief.



Polarity is a form of energy work that uses light or deep touch massage to provide physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.



Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, scar tissue, and fascia.    This technique is used to release chronic muscle tension, break down scar tissue, increase oxygen supply to muscle tissue, and eliminate toxins from the body.  Deep tissue massage is often focused on specific muscle groups, or, a specific area of the body.



This massage includes deep tissue techniques as well as focusing on trigger points.  A trigger point is an area of muscle that may refer pain to other parts of the body.  With the proper pressure, duration, and location, tension can be released from muscles improving muscle function and mobility.  We also offer acupuncture sessions that address Trigger Points.



In this massage technique, heated lava rocks are used to soothe and relax the body.  Hot stones are placed on the body and used to administer long, relaxing massage strokes.  Heat from the rocks penetrates and helps to melt muscle tension and relieve stress.  Hot stone massage also provides health benefits such as increased circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles, toxin release, and stress relief.



Sports massage incorporates both light and deep tissue work in combination with stretching.  This type of massage is usually focused on the muscle groups that an athlete uses in their particular sport or activity.  Sports massage can be used to prevent injury and increase flexibility.



Prenatal massage can offer pregnant women relief from many of the common discomforts that occur during pregnancy such as lower back pain, tight hips/buttocks, joint pain, sciatica and edema.   Pregnancy massage can increase flexibility of muscles that will later be used during labor. It can also improve blood circulation, remove toxins, aid in sleep, and offer a soothing, nurturing touch. Post-partum massage is also recommended to speed healing and tone muscles. 



Myofascial Release Therapy is used to soften and smooth the fascia surrounding the muscle fibers that have built up adhesions over time due to inflammation, trauma or surgeries that the body has been subjected to. Therapists are trained to use warmth, pressure and movement to release the impinged fibers that have been traumatized to allow for restoral of range of motion and access to deep lying muscle for maximum healing process.



Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating pressure points on the feet and hands. This method is used to control and alleviate discomfort in specific areas throughout the body. These pressure points are believed to be connected directly to the nervous system, affecting bodily organs and glands. Reflexology manipulates these pressure points, encouraging blood flow to these areas to quell and relieve the sensation and source of pain.



Therapeutic stretching involves active and passive techniques to stretch the muscle fibers. The goal of assisted stretching during a deep tissue or sports therapy massage session are to: Increase muscle-tendon flexibility, improve range of motion, enhance musculoskeletal function, and prevent recurrence of muscle strains or injury. There are various types of stretching techniques performed with this specialized treatment, which include active, passive (relaxed), static, dynamic (gentle), ballistic (forced), isometric, and others. Helpful Hint: If you already are exercising in a gym or spa, it is good to know that assisted stretching and ongoing muscle therapy are important components to keeping your exercise regimen effective.  



Acupressure is a form of touch therapy that utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In acupressure, the same points on the body are used as in acupuncture, but are stimulated with finger pressure instead of with the insertion of needles. Acupressure is used to relieve a variety of symptoms and pain.